Time to pay off debts

Time to pay off debts

Shot on an iPhone 6S+
Written, directed & edited by Conrad Mess
Produced by Alex Corn
Humans are capable of the most noble and unselfish acts, and at the same time, the worst of the atrocities.
Their soul can be a source of unlimited goodness or a dark,filthy well.
Evil can take many and different forms, but there is only one inmutable constant common to all men. They always try to run away when it is...

Runtime 00:10:45

Starring Stephen Dexter, Lexie Bean, George Walsh, Franco Quartuccio, Phil Felice, Raphael Corkhill, Ryan Wesen, Bryan Essing, Gary Milner.
Produced by Conrad Mess, Alex Corn  Written by Conrad Mess  Directed by Conrad Mess

Smart Device Used:
iPhone 6S+