Bullets, Fangs, and Dinner at 8

Bullets, Fangs, and Dinner at 8

Matthew Rocca's debut feature film -- Bullets, Fangs, and Dinner at 8 -- is a wicked blend of psychological thriller, cult-horror, and pitch-black dark comedy. It is also a tale rich with questions about religion, morality, and what it takes to fight darkness without being overtaken by it.

Bullets, Fangs, and Dinner at 8 is the winner of Best of Fest at Fantastic Horror Film Festival in San Diego, for 'strongest audience reaction to a film'; Best Guerrilla Feature at Temecula Independent Film Festival; and Critic's Choice (Wages of Cine) Award at Black Cat Picture Show in Augusta, Georgia. Its nominations include Best Horror Feature, Best Director, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Horror-Comedy.

Set in modern day, a subculture of wanna-be “Vampires” has taken its obsessions too far and turned itself into a violent cult. After the cult orchestrates a shooting during mass at a local church, seminary student Michael Collins (Garrett Schweighauser) organizes a group of Christian vigilantes -- calling themselves 'Vampire Hunters' -- to avenge his people. Guerrilla warfare ensues.

Making matters more perilous for Michael is the fact that he is the only member of his church who knows the truth about its most well-respected priest: Pastor Steven Cooper (Matthew Rocca) is secretly the leader of the 'vampire' cult, plotting the church's demise from within.

Michael's mission is to expose Steven for who he really is. But when Steven starts eliminating Michael's teammates one by one, Michael must find help in an unlikely alley: a naive, kind-hearted civilian he saved from a vampire attack, Vivian Abbott (Eva Rocca). While Steven is busy hosting a Christian dinner party to uphold his public image, Michael and Vivian go undercover at a seedy nightclub downtown where the “vampire” cult congregates, seeking information to bring the group of murderers to justice.

Runtime 1:45

Starring Garrett Schweizhauser, Eva Rocca, Matthew Rocca, Diana Lynne Ferrer, Brian Butler, Vinnie Pompo, Casey Nicholas Price, Joe D'Amato, Tracy Paye, Annaiah Jones, Julie Seal, William Reilley, Les Valenzuela, Vito Rocca, Christina Orozco, Amanda Kelley, Rob Nixon, Anthony Gonzalez, Evon Hynes, Dominic Lerma
Produced by Matthew Rocca  Written by Matthew Rocca  Directed by Matthew Rocca